Journal 45

Everyone live in armony, there is no insecurity, everyone care about others even we dont know them. Only the rules there is respect each other no matter if he does have money or not. Just let yourself go and smile at everyone.

I know this is a fantasy world in my head but it can be real if we do something to make our place better to live and for our next generation. At the moment we are in a crucial moment since we are teens and we are looking for our spot in the large line in the world. If you give up in the way, you will end in the bad path of your destiny. Ruining other people life, ruinning yours and at the end you will regret.


Journal 44

If i could change the society, well two things… It will be the violence & bully.

Violence had attack our society and has make people fear about their lifes and their families. About bully; kids, teenagers even adults had make other ppl of their age or even the weak ones fears and hate their lifes. This two things can disappear or get controled but depends on the community.

Journal 43- Poem thought

To a child dancing in the wind by William Butier Yeats

Well this poem is kinda hard to understand, it makes you think about h0w kids lose their innocence when they see the truth of our society. Not everything is only happiness, so even when we start to grow up you need to enjoy your life no matter what. You only live once so why not enjoy what you have of time….

Well I cant express to much about this poem cause it is so short.


Journal 42

Well seriously for this journal, I cant tell or express about this person at the moment since is painful and I cant stop thinking about him, he was my first and true love even it sounds weird, but he was. He always take my breath away when he look at me or talk to me. At the moment is really hard to talk to him since the situation we have is really weak and painful for both and also for our friends since they care about us alot.

Also I have a problem with my friend that I consider my brother cause we act like family, but some days ago after i break up with my boyfriend, he declare his love to me cause he thought that maybe he will have a opportunity to be with me but sadly I cant even try to date him since I still and will love my exboyfriend. I miss to be with him but also this situation is killing me.

My friend feelings are affecting our friendship cause if i dont responde to his love, he will totally leave me alone and not talk to me anymore. I really care of him but he cant force me to love him back… I feel so sorry that he is in pain thanks to me but I cant forget what I had with this guy. Ugh… Should I let go of my exboyfriend and try to date my good friend or…. Should I take my time to think more or just step away from both guys?…

What should I do? >.<;

Journal 41

Advice: You have to let go and start a new life, let him go and try something new
I listen to that advice. About letting the guy I like, to get off my mind and heart but I regret on trying. This advice make me lose his trust, make him feel pain thanks to me. I regret to hurt people, I wish I could change that and make everyone happy. Right now I don’t feel really well on typing this up since is really personal. Right now, I kinda wanna go to my house & stay in my room asking myself why this happen to me. I seriously cant think straight anymore, he is in my thoughts, in my dreams, when I breathe or sigh. He is all I think of…
I wish I could change what just happen to be with him cause he is all I need to smile again.

Journal 39

Well even we try to avoid racism, it will always exist. Mostly racism now at days is for everyone and we mostly call it bully. Children are starting to molest other parterns until this actions turn to agression and the victims can even try to end up his life after all this. I was one of this case, and everytime I see someone in this situation, I get in the discussion and try to save his/her life of this pain I cant forget. I still cant express mysef with anybody cause is hard to trust people again.


Journal 38

Well my last event was my family reunion. It was kinda fun and serious, mostly morefunny cause my aunts and uncles were really happy to see my parents again after like 2 years without seeing. My brother and I have problems when we try to chill with my cousins, cause the 2 that are the oldest, we dont know them to well plus they are adult already while we are teens and kids. Finally my cousins get to meet my dog cause when they first met him, they were to small to play with him since dogs play rude even when they dont mean it. The funnt part is when my uncle bit his sugar bread & this bread get it pieces, falling in his coffee.