Journal 49- Offended

Well I remember when a friend invite me to a party cause everyone in there doesnt talk to her at all plus i thought it will be fun. Until when we arrive at the place she left me alone, I try to socialize with her friends but everyone ignore me. I try to talk to her but she ignore me at the end, I just go back home to avoid problems and fights since Im a peaceful person. The next day she come over but I arge with her about her mood last night. She didnt accept her mistake and I decide to end the friendship cause friends are the ones that will be there for you or to help you.


Journal 31

Someone played a trick on me?

Well I remember when i was a lilĀ  girl, I asked my parents to makeĀ  me a birthday party with all my class but in hour school. They must ask permission to the school about it but they say no. I actually know they will say it cause is pretty strange and probably the other parents will think bad about mine. When my birthday arrive, I was kinda depressed about I will not have a party until my mom arrive to the classroom with some passes and a lil cake for me. She give the passes to the teacher and invite them also to my surprise party. This is funny cause I thought my parents will not do a thing just at night get a cake and sing happy birthday. The trick me so bad, I laugh and cry that day cause I know they care about my happiness.