Journal 51

Well i think it will be creating or drawing like being a artist in short words. I will make mine or other people ideas come alive. I seriously love to make stuff with my hands or in my imagination. Is fun even throught it sounds like a a childish thought. I mostly like to work on drawings by hand but at the end I always try to make them on computer. Start to learn techniques or make my own when it comes on drawing or coloring. I already had some customers that wanted me to do some custom characters for them. I always ask what they like, their favorite colors, emotions, how the feel, etc. Lets say i ask about them everything to make their characters. I can also make new stuff like useful stuff we use daily or even decoration stuff. Alot of ppl say i will be a computer designer ordecoration designer, well maybe I will get alil of both. Right now at days i had not been creative to much since school take all my time since is the last year but my creative talent will help me on the future on my profesion. I know

“Art is not a drawing or piece of paper….It is a piece of you, what you make with your hands thanks to your feelings, memories or dreams. Never give up on them”

by myself (Myriam)


Journal 50 – Like the books?

Well i didnt like at all Invisible Man since is very confusing and i had to reread the chapters to many times to get what it say. In the other had Brave New World ismore entretaining and easy to read on my opinion. Im more on the side of futuristic, action and unexpected situation or themes in books.

I will totally recomend Brave New World to everyone since when you read the first chapter you want to finish the book what happen with the principal characters.

Journal 49- Offended

Well I remember when a friend invite me to a party cause everyone in there doesnt talk to her at all plus i thought it will be fun. Until when we arrive at the place she left me alone, I try to socialize with her friends but everyone ignore me. I try to talk to her but she ignore me at the end, I just go back home to avoid problems and fights since Im a peaceful person. The next day she come over but I arge with her about her mood last night. She didnt accept her mistake and I decide to end the friendship cause friends are the ones that will be there for you or to help you.

Journal 47

Well I really dont feel like writting since my head hurts so bad and I’m not in mood for this but I will try. My day has been so good but I’m not enjoying it thanks to to this headache. Maybe when I arrive home, I will just lay abit on my head and think alil about my life since I know i have done alot of things that were not so good, I wish I can change all of them except some good memories that make me smile so big when i think of them.

I cant stop listening to this violin song even is from a game… I love classic music but mostly the violin. <—I will try to find the real name later

Journal 46

Well it happen me like twice, i just get frustrated and pissed at the same time. They were best friends, when she is not around this girl have to stab her on the back talking bad things of her. How such a “good friend” she is. I kinda dont like when people do this things. I decide to record all the chat & show the evidence to her cause i didnt want problems plus this innocent girl is one of my childhood friends, I just dont like my friends to be hurt so I had to tell her. After that this girl who stabbed her just lose his friendship with her since the things she told were secrets but at least I’m happy my friend didnt get hurt. I kinda had a fight with the ex friend but at the end she get what she did wrong, she is regretting about her acts.

Journal 46

Society change?

Umm… Well the society has change really slow but at the same time really fast. People, fashion style, groups where we interact even music. Oh well everyting has change even family ideas. Is kinda sad families has lose the communication & integrety in it cause now at days there are fights between brotherd when their parents die. I had pass by this on my mom’s family. Anyways on fashion well… girls dont use dresses & huge hats or feathers pins when they go out. There are many types of fashion now: casual, informal, formal, yourself (mixing everything). Also there is not like before to hang out with high and low class. Now at days you have many groups to choose there are millions.

Journal 45

Everyone live in armony, there is no insecurity, everyone care about others even we dont know them. Only the rules there is respect each other no matter if he does have money or not. Just let yourself go and smile at everyone.

I know this is a fantasy world in my head but it can be real if we do something to make our place better to live and for our next generation. At the moment we are in a crucial moment since we are teens and we are looking for our spot in the large line in the world. If you give up in the way, you will end in the bad path of your destiny. Ruining other people life, ruinning yours and at the end you will regret.