Journal 51

Well i think it will be creating or drawing like being a artist in short words. I will make mine or other people ideas come alive. I seriously love to make stuff with my hands or in my imagination. Is fun even throught it sounds like a a childish thought. I mostly like to work on drawings by hand but at the end I always try to make them on computer. Start to learn techniques or make my own when it comes on drawing or coloring. I already had some customers that wanted me to do some custom characters for them. I always ask what they like, their favorite colors, emotions, how the feel, etc. Lets say i ask about them everything to make their characters. I can also make new stuff like useful stuff we use daily or even decoration stuff. Alot of ppl say i will be a computer designer ordecoration designer, well maybe I will get alil of both. Right now at days i had not been creative to much since school take all my time since is the last year but my creative talent will help me on the future on my profesion. I know

“Art is not a drawing or piece of paper….It is a piece of you, what you make with your hands thanks to your feelings, memories or dreams. Never give up on them”

by myself (Myriam)