Journal 32

My reaction about the invisble man’s description of the night he was invited to give a speech was  kinda rude since all people agree against him cause of his color of skin. What it seems like fight was when everyone start talking aloud and ignore him, he kinda reply and told them this is injustice. People never care what he say so he felt like he was there. After he talk there all people start mururing about why he was giving the speech.

-will write more soon-



Jornal 31 part 2

“Strange Fruit”

It makes me feel bad about the social problems in that age. I feel the pain of the black people on that age while white people get the better spot. It is totally racist that only for color skin it depends if you are important or not is like you didnt exist if you are black

Journal 31

Someone played a trick on me?

Well I remember when i was a lil  girl, I asked my parents to make  me a birthday party with all my class but in hour school. They must ask permission to the school about it but they say no. I actually know they will say it cause is pretty strange and probably the other parents will think bad about mine. When my birthday arrive, I was kinda depressed about I will not have a party until my mom arrive to the classroom with some passes and a lil cake for me. She give the passes to the teacher and invite them also to my surprise party. This is funny cause I thought my parents will not do a thing just at night get a cake and sing happy birthday. The trick me so bad, I laugh and cry that day cause I know they care about my happiness.

Journal 30

Well let say i did… which was so bad cause i  felt like no one care about me at all. I was not needed or i didnt need to be alife. I still cant take that thought off my head cause it hurts me pretty bad. Im going with a terapist to helpme solve my problem about liking myself.  Even now my new friends say Im important and a good person that doesnt make me believe I’m good for my own self. Wish this helps me cause is really hard to trust when someone say you are special when you were stabbed from behind before.

Journal 29

I didnt like the end of the story cause Johnny die at the end by being smash by the roof of a building. If I could change the end, I will try to make everyone of the Greaser gang, each of the members get a better life and keep them alive. For example, I will say Ponytail’s parents are alive but they were lost all this time. Also that Darry and Sodapop start living a normal life without violence and argues between other groups. Umm… I will make also Cherry pay for her actions by make her go to a therapist. And choose better friends cause she is a liar, a spy.

Journal 28

No, Ponytail wants to make his brothers be proud of him by fighting in the rumble but he knows that violence doesnt help at all to solve problems.

He feels stressed since he doesnt like fighting, he prefer to talk and negociate the peace between the 2 gangs.

I dont think is a good idea to use violence in this but maybe since they are in gangs and the situation they are living, it makes them fight or act in a argue mood.

Journal 26

Ponytail is kinda a hero but also a mysterious guy.He feels like  the leader but he doesnt know how cold or hard is the world. Cherry is the opposite of him.She is more cheerful than Pony since he is more serious but he cares alot from the others.

I cant explain to much of him since I dont understand the story to much. The characters’ name are weird doesnt soundsnormal. Sorry I cant write to much.