Journal- Confuse…ugh

Seriously I dont know what to do anymore, I like 2 guys at the same time but one is already over a girl and the other well…. Is hard to explain cause I notice he has feelings for me but he doesnt know how to show them. This second guy is really cute and friendly with me, I love when people care about others. No matter what he wants to know if im ok or whats wrong. Sadly at this semester, I didnt get classes with him, we are really upset but I hope I can see him more often sometime.

Its really hard to trust on someone for me since I had being “stabbed on the back”. When I’m all alone, I randomly picture myself with him and I dont know why. I think im going to far on my dreams with him, porbably it will not be real  maybe yous my imagination. Wish it was real… Cause I really like him so bad. I dont want to make the first move cause it will look weird and people will think im a creeper or something like that… A tomboy, god seriously guys need to be brave and make the move before other do it or notice someone really like them as they are without changing.


Journal 14

Finding Forrester

Well i cant explain how much i like this book. I love the structure, grammar and how the lecture chains you to the book till the end. There was a lesson  in this book, and it was…

“Even when you think you are alone, there will be someone there to pull you up and help you see the right path.”


“You will always trip by the rode losing things and the people you care but there will be someone there behind you to help you.”

Those 2 lessons are really important cos this is how life is, had but you make your choices with the care of your friends/family. Never say you are alone and stay away from the reality. Make a step and try to be stong by helping others and they will help you too.

Words: 137

Journal 12 Heroes can be made if you make the choice!

Well I was a case of bully, so I thought  noone was there to protect me even i had friends they never look for me but i looked for them. Except this day, this random girl (her name was Cristina /Cristy) she was on high school while i was in secondary, she start to talk bad things about me and even i should just kill myself cos no one care of me, etc. By the way this didnt affect me cause I didnt even freaky know her at all.

She try to push me downstairs at my school while i was distracted but well she alost successed if my friend Mariana didnt tell me and push my arm to a side. Cristy fall down stairs and all the school laugh about her fail, oh yeah she was ok nothing happen. Anyways  even she hates me for no reason, I’m glad she was ok except that she win that fall for her action. I thank so much to keep Mariana as my friend cos she really dont care if i was the “weak” one of the school, she looks for how people are.Now as I say….

“You have the decision to be a hero or be no one. Everyone needs a ero so why not you be one today?”

Hope this is a little lesson for others.

Journal 12- Disappointed…

Well i have fight alot of times with my friend, since she never agree or take out my opinion out when we do something. She never understand it, i guess some people know what happen last day….Same old story.

We fight for a lil memory we had about when we used to swim. But for random reason she start yelling at me about the people’s name or color of the swimsuit. Was seriously stupid, I’m still pissed at her that I can explode my anger on anything on my way.

Right now, I’m thinking if i should or not forgive her for talking on my back when I was not around. Its hard to trust people again since they never keep your secrets, well maybe they are some weird cases. Anyways I cant say why or why not i shouldn’t forgive her. Its like she stab my from the back. Oh ya before i forget she never protect me when someone is hurting me but I dont question her. Even I do protect her when she need it. So unfair… ugh I think that is all at the moment.

Journal 11

Well my day is doing good at the moment. I seriously cant wait to go back home qand get ready to hang out with my friends or just spend time with my family. Even through I’m really tired today, I’m falling asleep in some classes.Anyways I know I will be awake all this English class cos is fun.

Oh I also hope to see my best friend this weekends since we are not in the same school or extra activity (swimming) we used to be or do.

Journal 9 Open Mind?

Question: What do you think it means to have an open mind about something?

Well the definition of “open mind” might be diferent for every person. On my opinion it is letting your mind clear to anything. An example:

Yesterday, I try to create new customs and draw alil bit but I was out of ideas. So I relax, close my eyes and start to open my mind, making ideas flow through my mind. I get inspired after like 1 mins, start to let my hand goes and do my drawings. I cant believe when you let your mind go clear you get more ideas for new things for living or make something on your free time.